I got plenty of sleep last night so I felt like doing a little exploring this morning. The only thing missing was my partner in crime!

Now it’s siesta time. This evening I’m going back to the church in Piazza Navona for a string quartet playing The Four Seasons by Vivaldi and then some dinner. I’m living a rough life aren’t I? Non vedo l’ora che arrivi mia moglie!

The day finished as good as it began but not without a minor bump in the road as in I got hit by a car. The streets in Rome are narrow and crowded with both pedestrians and cars. A lady driving a Smart Car didn’t think I was taking up as much room as I was and hit me with her mirror. No worries though it didn’t hurt, just startled me. She was very apologetic and in the end, no harm done.

The day got better from there. The Four Seasons by Vivaldi is one of my favorite pieces of music. I wasn’t sure that it could be improved over the versions that I have heard but I was wrong. Hearing it played by a string quartet in a 17th century church makes it better.

The final piece of the excellent adventure ended up in an Irish Pub I had been eyeing. The food was good and I was sipping my beer when I heard the two guys next to me talking airplanes. I butted in and it turns out they were the pilots from my flight to Rome! It’s a small world after all!

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