The end of orientation

Classes begin in earnest tomorrow, last week was strictly orientation. I have to admit that it was pretty informative and gave me some good ideas for travel, activities, etc. It also introduced us to the Italian bureaucracy. Since we are here for more than 90 days we had to apply for a visa before we got here which was around $50. Then when we got here we have to fill out a Permit of Stay. The application for that was €16 to get the proper stamp on the form. Then it was off to the Post Office where we got to pay an additional €102 for them to process the form. In a few weeks, we will go to a police station to be photographed and fingerprinted. Then another 6-8 weeks and our permit will be ready. The odd thing? It will almost certainly be after we have left the country! Oh well, it’s an interesting process and the Post Office was a much better visit than what I had feared. There were 90 of us and we got through in a couple of hours. Don’t worry, I’ve still had time to take a few pics:

Today is about preparing (reading, laundry, shopping, etc.) before I get stuck in these nondescript classrooms:

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